Welcome to our website. We are Robin and Olli, two passionate pilots. Since we started navigation flying in 2021, we have been captivated by this fascinating hobby. Meanwhile, we can proudly call ourselves part of the German national team, with which we participate in many competitions worldwide. We do not only want to practice the sport and learn in the process but also actively give something back. For this reason, we founded the Navgeeks Community in 2022. Together, flying is just more fun and opens up new possibilities.

Hi Aviators,
I started flying back in 2012 in the beautiful vicinity of the Dolomite’s on an ASK21 glider. After a few years, I joined the Motorflieger Club Kärnten where a wonderful group of people taught me how to fly piston-engine aircraft. In 2020 I moved to Germany to work for a Bavarian Aircraft Manufacturer as an aircraft builder. At a nearby airfield, I met Oliver, who got me into navigation flying. He convinced me that navigation flying is the real deal. So we signed up for our first competition, the Allgäuflug. And that was the kick-off of Navgeeks.
Navigation flying is challenging for me to fly the aircraft as precisely as possible and allows me to gain new skills as a pilot. The mix of pressure, new destinations, and the attempt to get the perfect flight in a competition is the adventure I am seeking for.

Robin Shearer – Pilot of Team Navgeeks

Dear future Navigation Flying Pilots,
Since 2007 I have been fascinated by flying. I started to learn flying with the two-seater glider Grob G103 Twin Astir at the Segelflugverein Bad Wörishofen. A few years later, I continued to make my touring motor glider, light sport aircraft, and private pilot license. In 2021 I met Robin. After just a few flights, we realized that we complemented each other incredibly well as a team in the cockpit; all in the interest of flight safety. So it didn’t take long until we also participated in navigation flying competitions to have a lot of fun and celebrate our first successes together.
For me, navigation flying combines constant learning and the chance to meet many new exciting people. What could be better for a young pilot than to be entirely accepted in an open community and get flying tips and tricks from experienced aviators?

Oliver Meindl – Navigator of Team Navgeeks

Our Achievements


  • 2nd place Unlimited at German National Air Navigation Race Championship
  • 4th place Unlimited at German National Rallye Flying Championship


  • 3rd place Low Time Category at 23rd FAI World Rallye Flying Champiosnhip (Mâcon, France)
  • 1st place Unlimited and Overall at 1st German National Air Navigation Race Championship
  • 2nd place Precision Landing at 57th international Allgäuflug


  • 2nd place Low Time Category at 22nd FAI World Rallye Flying Championship (Brits, South Africa)
  • 1st place Newcomer at Deutschlandflug
  • 2nd place Advanced at 56th international Allgäuflug


  • 5th place Overall at German National Navigation Flying Championship
  • 1st place Newcomer at 55th international Allgäuflug