Our Navgeeks Community is the heart of navigation flying. Our joint mission is to tell, show, and convince people that navigation flying is a hell of a fun and makes you a better aviator.

Our cross-generation community consists of student pilots up to test pilots who all sit together at one table and enjoy the tune of the good old pilots’ conversation. We support each other in every way: enjoying fly-ins, sharing lessons learned in competitions, and having fun talks at the airfields. Join us at a local event and see what a wonderful group of people we are. Everyone is welcome!

Our long-term goal is to create a big community of aviators passionate about sportive flying, namely navigation flying. Hence, it is important for us to mutually support each other, openly talk about our errors, and, of course, have fun flying all over the world. In competitions, we want to test our skills and motivate the whole aviation community to join our trip back to its roots to precise flying with a compass, map, and stopwatch.

We appreciate your support in taking our mission to the next flight level. If you feel like our community of ambitious pilots is the right place for your help, do not wait to contact us.