The Bundeskommission Motorflug of the Deutscher AeroClub supports us as a team in building up a young generation of passionate pilots interested in navigation flying as well as in learning new skills together with the German National Team.

The Luftsport Verband Bayern is the aviation umbrella organization in our home state of Bavaria. In addition to the active ideational support we receive, we are allowed to be the speaker for navigation flying to draw pilots’ attention through newspaper articles and speeches.

The Precision Flying Association aims to promote navigation flying in Switzerland and beyond. We heavily benefit from their expertise, their high-end navigation flying equipment, and their precious annual training in Germany at the beginning of each navigation flying season.


Lightspeed Aviation is a leading manufacturer of premium aviation headsets, including the next generation of safety wearables – the Delta Zulu. We are very proud to have this company on our side to help us – as the next generation of pilots – with the two most important things in navigation flying: clear communication and flight safety.

Tom Illgner is an incredibly talented photographer who takes pictures of powered aircraft. His photography keeps our competitions and action-packed moments in our memory for a long time. This enormously helps to embellish all media articles and to show navigation flying from its best side.