“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” ~ Jimmy Johnson

For us, Rogers Data is an outstanding manufacturer of perfect charts and navigation products, especially at a scale of 1:200,000.
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The list below is designed to help you find the right tools for navigational flying. Some tools are particularly suitable for beginners [Newcomer & Advanced] and can also be used elsewhere; some are more suitable for professionals [Unlimited]. The list is intended to be a good starting point, which has been worked out on the basis of many years of experience in navigation flying. Of course, there are many different preferences: Try things out and find the tools that suits you best.


A plotter or protractor is required in order to draw in specified courses on the 1:200,000 charts or to measure the true track.


A set of high-quality permanent pens is required to precisely mark the courses to be flown and to highlight special features on the chart.

Electronic Clock

Electronic clocks help you to be at the right turning points at the right time with your aircraft.


Whether you are constructing turning points or drawing arcs, a good compasses is indispensable.

Special Ruler

Measure leg distances, found enroute pictures or enter minute markers on the chart: No problem with special navigation flying rulers.

GNSS Logger

Each flight must be recorded and evaluated by the jury. You will need an FAI-approved logger for this.

ICAO Chart

The faithful companion for every competition and recreational flights: The ICAO compliant VFR chart.


During rally and precision flying, you receive lots of documents that need to be stowed away properly. Clipboards help you with this:

  • [All categories] A4 Clipboard (e.g., for enroute pictures and solution sheet)
  • [All categories] A5 Clipboard (e.g., for waypoint photos)


These little helpers should be in every bag and are needed for almost every navigation flight.

Not a 100% sure if you’ve packed everything you need for the next navigation flying competition?